About Us

A breif history of the American Motorcycle Racing Association.

The AMRA is the last standing officially sanctioned association that is strictly and exclusivley dedicated to American made, V-Twin based motorcycle drag racing in the entire world. We are the home of the Most Awesome Harley Racers On The Planet Earth, and we are very proud to be so.

The AMRA was officially formed 31 years ago in 1985 by a group of racers who are now infamous. Richard Wegner, Tator Gilmore, and a group of their fellow racers.

In 2000 the Association was purchased by Marty and Jayne VandenHeuvel of IronMan Racing. They were having moderate success in hosting their own races locally in Michigan and Rich Wegner couldn't help but take notice. He approced the IronMan, and the VandenHeuvel family has been putting on the most awesome Nitro Infused, Drag Race oriented parties in the world ever since.

Interested in becoming part of the ever growing and evolving history of the motorcycle drag racing world? You can E-Mail us!

You can also call our office at (989) 561-2500 or you can even write to us; P.O. Box 310 Six Lakes, MI 48886